[Snort-users] ACID and snort 1.8?

Andreas Hasenack andreas at ...814...
Wed Jun 13 23:20:23 EDT 2001

Em Wed, Jun 13, 2001 at 06:17:57PM -0700, Paulie escreveu:
> Is anybody running snort 1.8 with ACID?  It doesn't look like there is
> any specific support in ACID for snort 1.8 classtypes.  Does anybody know
> if there will be?
> Also does anybody know if ACID will ever support the snort preprocessors
> like portscan?  Forgive me if its in there after 0.9.6b1, I was
> conservative when I did the ACID install and I'm not anxious to mess with
> upgrading it unless there is a substantive reason to do so.

Your question is a "substantive reason" to do an upgrade... :)

I'm running snort 1.8 with acid with no problems. In fact, I'm
running the CVS version.
You should upgrade at least to b9. There are some bugfixes after that
version that are only checked into cvs if I'm not mistaken, but it
should give you a glimpse on how things are now.

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