[Snort-users] snort, mysql configs

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You don't need a command-line option.  There is an example
in the snort.conf file commented out.  You should be able to 
uncomment it and add in your MySQL server host name, password,

That's all I did to get it working.

-Marc Thompson

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Hello all...

I am in the process of setting up snort to log to a mysql database...
eventually, this will be a private network of a few snort boxes logging to
a central database. I compiled snort with mysql support and configured the
snort.conf file to log to a local database to test, but it appears that it
is not logging to the database.
I am wondering if anyone can tell me the command line arguments they give
to snort when logging to a database. I would like to only log alerts to
the database, and I get a warning in the logs that a command line argument
will override the conf file...

can anyone help out?


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