[Snort-users] Centralized DB Server??

Andreas Lindenblatt azrael at ...70...
Tue Jun 12 19:20:25 EDT 2001

Hi Marc,

> geographical locations.  I've been brainstorming this a bit, and it seems
> that I should be able to easily ignore alerts that are being generated by
> traffic to the MySQL TCP port.  Does this sound like the answer?
It surely is an answer to your initial question :).

But I would feel uhm... uncomforatable with an open MySQL-Port to a
machine sitting inside our network and collecting lots of 'foreign',
unchecked and unencrypted sensor data.

Even if it means we don't get 'real-time' data, we fell back to packing
and scrambling logs at the snort-boxes and fetching them with scp. 

Hmmm... what happened to SnortNet? It looked good with snort 1.6 :)

BYE Andreas

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