Recall: [Snort-users] Error trying to read in tcpdump file

Graeme Fowler graeme.fowler at ...2189...
Tue Jun 12 11:32:07 EDT 2001

Thorin wrote:
> Don't we wish it was easy to take back that which we say... (-;

...after I apparently wrote:
> Graeme Fowler would like to recall the message, "[Snort-users] Error
> trying to read in tcpdump file".

Apologies all; this goddamn Exchange system has finally outdone me. I have
absolutely *no* idea why that recall message went out to the list, only that
I've been installing W2K on my desktop machine to finally lay the ghost of
98 to rest...
Corporate email systems are great, aren't they?

Back to Pine & IMAP over SSL/TLS for me then :-)

And I stand by every word I said!

Graeme Fowler
System Administrator
Host Europe Group PLC

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