[Snort-users] [Fwd: Limits to what ACID can handle?]

A.L.Lambert max at ...1806...
Mon Jun 11 16:18:39 EDT 2001

> Hi ppl,
> this was on Focus-ids list regarding ACID - is it true that mysql is
> not able to handle big databases? (>1mln records)

	It'll handle it... just extremely slowly... at my last job, I had
it (ACID + MySQL) running on a quad Xeon (700mhz/2meg L1 cache CPU's),
with 2 gigs of RAM, and a nice fast RAID aray, and even with all that
horsepower, once the DB got into that million+ size, it would take about
30 seconds for simple queries, and seemingly forever (4-8 minutes) when
doing complex queries.  I quit using it because it was too slow and
cumbersome, and took to grepping through the syslogs, and pulling packet
dumps from libpcap files.  I was going to try again with Postgresql and
see if it performed any better, but company went under, and never got the

-- A.L.Lambert
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