[Snort-users] Winsows Snort Support

Michael Steele michaels at ...155...
Sat Jun 9 22:40:29 EDT 2001

All Snort Users,

Here at Silicon Defense we are the worlds leading commercial Technical
support center for Snort.

We have dedicated a full webpage towards the support for Snort in
regards to the Windows platform.

There are several step-by-step procedures for installing Snort, running
as a service, using Acid to analyze and view alerts, using Snortsnarf to
view and analyze alerts, and to monitor a Microsoft ISA server (thank
you Richard).

Located at: http://www.silicondefense.com/techsupport/

We are looking for contributions from the windows community for Snort
scripts, or anything that could be of use to other Windows users for
making Snort easier to use on the Windows platform.

Please send your contributions to: mailto:michaels at ...155...

Hopefully we can add a UNIX webpage in the near future.


        Commercial Snort Support
Silicon Defense - www.silicondefense.com
Michael Steele - Snort Support Technician

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