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Thu Jun 7 10:50:53 EDT 2001


I don't know how difficult it would be to add awareness of PPOE to
Snort.  Though, I do believe that each version adds more protocols...
maybe someone out there knows whether or not this is being considered.

Not being a C coder I can only speculate on how easy or hard it
would be to add support for PPOE to Snort.  I still think that the
way to go is to get a DSL modem that strips the PPP encapsulation
from the packet and sends regular Ethernet frames to your PC, but
maybe writing a PPPOE handler is a personal scratch for you to itch,
so by all means give it a whirl.

Performance... whizbang.  Snort (for me) hasn't had any trouble
sniffing high-speed networks.  The trick is to use only the rules
that you really need.  If you're not running the Chameleon server, for
example, there's really no need to use rules that check for
the Chameleon SMTP overflow attack.

Marc Thompson

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On Thu, 7 Jun 2001 07:41:59 -0500 
Marc Thompson wrote:
> William,
> It looks like it is working, just doesn't know how to
> decode the protocol:
>   OTHER: 2009       (99.851%)
> Are you using a DSL modem?  It may be possible to exchange
> your DSL modem for one that has a bona-fide Ethernet connection
> in it.

I haven't look the snort source code yet, but it may be possible
to implement pppoe desencapsulation like does ethereal ...

Do you think that is a hard task ?
What about snort performance ?

Thx Marc,


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