[Snort-users] Newbie Question... Please forgive......

Mark Andrich MAndrich at ...2184...
Wed Jun 6 12:44:16 EDT 2001


I'm in the process of familiarizing myself with Snort. I'm using the windows
version while in the process of setting up a Linux box. It seems that all of
the available rulesets are in a unix/linux format and I have not been able
to find configuration files or rulesets for the Win32 version. I've checked
Snort.org, Whitehat.org, Google, and the archives for this list. I've
interpreted what I've read about rulesets to mean that there are
preconfigured rules that only require minor changes (IP addresses and such)
that would cover a much broader range of attacks than the total beginner
(Me) could feasibly sit down and write. 

the question:

Where can I find rulesets and config files for the Win32 version? Have I
overlooked something blatantly obvious? 

Many thanks,

Mark Andrich

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