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LEFEVRE David David.LEFEVRE at ...2178...
Wed Jun 6 03:44:42 EDT 2001

You should look for Cybercop or Nessus Security scanning tool.
I use it to improve security of my net, it runs well. It also has a
"nmap plugin".

For an exemple :
Vulnerability found on port unknown (669/tcp)

The remote statd service could be brought down
with a format string attack - it now needs to
be restarted manually.

This means that an attacker may execute arbitrary
code thanks to a bug in this daemon.

Solution : upgrade to the latest version of rpc.statd
Risk factor : High
see CVE : CVE-2000-0666 (http://cgi.nessus.org/cve.php3?cve=CVE-2000-0666)

Best regards,

skop d'skop wrote:

> hi guys,
> come across this alert lately for my network
> [**] IDS10 - RPC - portmap-request-rstatd [**]
> May 30 11:25:15 A.B.C.80:3348 -> X.Y.Z.9:111 SYN ******S*
> May 30 11:25:16 A.B.C.80:726 -> X.Y.Z.9:111 UDP
> May 20 11:25:15 A.B.C.80:3351 -> X.Y.Z.12:111 SYN ******S*
> May 20 11:25:15 A.B.C.80:3352 -> X.Y.Z.13:111 SYN ******S*
> May 20 11:25:16 -> X.Y.Z.13:111 UDP
> and i'm wondering what kind of scanning / tool that trigger this alert.
> i 've done with #rpcinfo -p hostname and #nmap -sU -sR  hostname , yet no similiar output.
> -skop
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