[Snort-users] Whitehats rules work :) (was Re: Whitehats rules don't work)

Max Vision vision at ...4...
Tue Jun 5 10:14:30 EDT 2001

The relay-or-info-attept classification was accidentally omitted until one
of the updates on May 31st, so it has only been fixed for about a week.
Thanks to Roeland Weve for reporting the omission.

Also the 'snort -T -c rulestotest.conf' doesn't notice if a classfication
is missing.  I had seen:
 "Snort sucessfully loaded all rules and checked all rule chains!"


On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Fran�ois D�sarm�nien wrote:
> Mon, 4 Jun 2001 15:48:21 +0530
> "Sid" <s_i_d_j at ...131...> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I know i've missed something but the vision18.conf i downloaded from
> > whitehats.com doesn't work. It gives a lot of errors while starting snort
> > about bad rules. I think its the classification. Anyway, whats the way out??
> >
> Yes, you're right : there's a problem with rule #436 which is classified as
> 'relay-or-info-attempt' that doesn't exist in the classification rules.
> Either change its tag, add new classification or comment out the rule to have
> it load. First option seems to me to be the best. Having done that, it works
> perfectly for me with 1.8beta4.
> Fran�ois

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