[Snort-users] Re: [Snort-devel] When will snort be offically released?

Martin Roesch roesch at ...1935...
Sat Jun 2 23:12:32 EDT 2001

Well, Real Soon Now.  There are a few basic problem when trying to
answer this question.  

1) Stream3 is badly broken and probably requires a full rewrite with me
actually concentrating on it this time.  

2) I'm working on a new output plugin that is a few more days from being

3) This new output plugin requires some changes to a couple subsystems
in the program, which is going to cause us to need to test things for a
few days.

4) All the docs need to be updated.

5) I'm busy with other things (work, etc).

I'd like to say 2 weeks, hopefully less, but there's no guarantees at
this point.


rottz at ...1904... wrote:
> > cleanup in here soon (before 1.8).
> >
> >     -Marty
> Do you have any kinda timeline when Snort 1.8 will be "offically"
> released. I have a few people asking me already. And I wanted to hear
> from the "man" before I release or say anything. I know Brian Casewell
> said -><- but I'm not sure how to convert that into a timeline!! :P
> Your Snort-User Loving Pal
> Rottz
> p.s.
> Check my new Network Security Bible at http://www.securityflaw.com/bible
> and you can email bible at ...1904... if you would like to see
> anything added. I want it to be a network security project for the
> newbies wanting to make it in the fast pace network security world.

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