[Snort-users] No, I'm not dead

Martin Roesch roesch at ...1935...
Sat Jun 2 23:02:49 EDT 2001

Hi everyone,
     Sorry I've been an absentee landlord lately, life's been really
busy for me of late.  Rest assured that I am alive and I am paying
attention, I've just been too busy to respond or fix the bug reports
that are coming in.  For everyone having trouble with stream3, please
turn it off and revert to stream2 for a while.  I'm going to revisit the
entire subject of stream reassembly shortly and code it up right, but
for now I'd recommend that for the sake of stability, if you need stream
reassembly use stream2.  I'm also aware of some issues in the tag code
and I'm working on that as well.  I probably won't have much of a chance
to get back to coding until Tuesday, but once I do I hope that we can
get 1.8 wrapped up in short order and get moving on to bigger and better
things. :)


Martin Roesch
roesch at ...1935...
http://www.sourcefire.com - http://www.snort.org

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