[Snort-users] snort and ACID

Guillaume guillaume at ...1168...
Tue Jan 30 02:15:38 EST 2001

Kevin.Brown at ...1022... wrote:

> Just a warning.  You may want to set up replication on the database as the
> sensors will hang while you run queries on the database.  According to the
> developers they are working on fixing this in a future version of snort
> (hopefully in 2.x).  I'm trying to find a way to do two way replication so I
> can use ACID to maintain the database.

Right, I confirm. I am experimenting replication just for that reason !
You have to install MySQL 3.23, which comes with replication features, including
the ability to build smart architectures with dedicated server for SELECT
queries and other for INSERT.
Seems t owork, but I have to experiment a little further.


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