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If any of you folks have had occasion to get to know
Max through working with him on Snort or ArachNIDS,
then you will likely have something to say about the
large contributions he has made to computer security
as a completely unpaid volunteer.  I am fortunate enough 
to have met and worked with Max as a result of primarily
this list, and know him as a gentle, kind person
with an exceedigly sharp technical mind and
an encyclopaedic knowledge of this field, always
willing to offer help to others on securing their
networks and systems and generous with his
time, knowledge, and good advice. 

I plan on writing my letter of reference today, and
hope others here who have come to know Max
do likewise. I also think that if you know any other
lists or forums where Max has been active, this
particular memo should be forwarded....

Dragos Ruiu,

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Subject: Kimi's letter about Max
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 10:32:54 -0800
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Request for Character References for Max Vision (aka Max Butler)

Greetings to our friends, family, colleagues, and peers:

Max needs your help!  As you may know, we are unable to afford justice and
freedom in this country.  There will be no trial.  We have no choice.  A
conclusion to this nearly three-year-old saga is needed and finally in
sight.  On our attorney’s advisement, Max pled guilty to “one count of
unauthorized computer access into a computer ...in violation of 18 U.S.C.
1030(a)(5)(B).”  This is a felony punishable by up to 5 years in prison.
Judge James Ware (at the Federal Building in San Jose, CA) will sentence Max
on February 26, 2001 at 1:30 p.m.

But we have one way of communicating to Judge James Ware: through letters we
write about Max called “Character References.”  We are asking for Character
References from everyone to give the judge an idea of what Max is really
like.  Unless we write to the judge, all he will know about Max is what the
Feds have told him.  We have seen their reports, and they are very ugly.  We
know more than to expect that they will be fair, but it will help if the
judge can get a more balanced picture of Max.  The only way he can get this
is if he receives letters right away.  If you are not lucky enough to have a
personal relationship with Max, you are included on this list to describe
his technical contributions and professional achievements.  If you are
familiar with Max's work and feel that it has benefited the online
community, please say a few words about that specifically.  We are asking a
lot.  We want you to take the time to read the following two sections
including our attorney’s Tips for Writing Character References and the
attached Sample Letter that I wrote.  Then we want you to draft a letter and
send it to me at kimi at ...1228... and to our attorney at jennifer at ...1229...
so that she can make a selection to send on to the judge.  And we are asking
you to do it ASAP!!!

We thank everyone so much for helping us through this nightmare.  We are
incredibly lucky to have each other and all of you, and to know that we are
going to survive this hardship.  Please help us so that we aren’t separated
for five years.  I don’t think I can withstand that kind of torture.  I’m
sure that Max wouldn’t appreciate it either.  We are asking you for help in
our time of greatest need.  Please help us.

Down with Big Brother!

In deep and endless gratitude,
Kimi J. Winters, Max’s loving wife
E-mail: kimi at ...1228...

Tips for Writing Character References

The following are tips for character letters from friends and colleagues for
presentation to Judge Ware in reference to Max's sentencing.  The best
letters are those which are short and to the point and tell the Judge
something specific about Max that he wouldn't ordinarily have known.  A good
letter will not only say that the person cares about what happens to Max,
but will give the judge specific instances of things that illustrate why the
judge should care too.  Things like, Max stayed with my sick mother or Max
created this database of exploits which is helpful and important in these
specific ways.  I would like personal letters from family and friends, but
also letters from people in the security industry which describe the role
Max has played in the field and detail his beneficial work and

Jennifer Stisa Granick, Esq.               e-mail jennifer at ...1229...
559 Nathan Abbott Way                      telephone (650) 724-0014
Stanford California 94305-8610         facsimile   (650) 723-8440

Sample Letter

Note:  This letter is deeply personal and emotional, but your letter of
support doesn't need such personal details.  Professional or technical
details about the nature and benefits of Max's projects (Internet security,
whitehats, arachNIDS) would be just as appreciated.

January 28, 2001

Honorable Judge James Ware

Dear Honorable Judge Ware,

Subject: Character reference for Max Butler

My name is Kimi J. Winters, and I have been married to Max Butler for three
years on this coming Valentine’s Day.  We have a wonderful, fulfilling
friendship and marriage despite these legal woes that have plagued us since
June of 1997.  Basically, I can divide my life into two parts: Before Max
and After Max.  Before I met him, I didn’t now what real love meant and I
didn’t even love myself.  He saved my life by helping me out of an abusive
relationship and teaching me the meaning of self-respect.  He gave me
shelter when I had no place to live.  He took very good care of me when I
was seriously ill, saving my life again by taking me to the emergency room
when I protested that I was "fine" even as I was dying.  He has made it
possible for me to realize my dream of finishing college (I graduated from
UC Berkeley in August 2000).  He encouraged me to become more than a
beautician (my mother’s dream for me), so that I am now working as a
successful technical writer and consultant for a local company.  He always
encourages me to achieve more and think more, and he always has a smile for
me.  He nourishes my body, mind, and soul.

Also, he has helped my family in many ways.  I came from a dreadfully
unhappy and impoverished family.  My parents were never able to really
provide for us.  Max helped everyone by giving college tuition money to my
sister and building her a computer to use for school.  He also bought her
school clothes and paid for her to fly to California to visit us.  He helped
my two younger brothers by letting me take them with us on vacations, and we
even took them to Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm on a weeklong 4th of
July trip.  If you have ever done this, then you realize what an achievement
this is!  They visit us all the time, and Max never complains.  He pays for
their school clothes and Santa’s generosity year after year.  They are lucky
kids.  Also, he has built two computers for my family so that my brothers
have one to use for school and my dad has one to use for his computer
courses at night school.  He drops everything to help them and fixes their
computers too.  Need I say that my family loves Max?  I think that they like
him more than they like me.  I don't blame them!

I know that law enforcement groups are telling you that Max should be locked
up, but that should not happen to the Max I know and love.  The Max Butler
that I know is a loving and caring husband, brother, son, and friend to
many.  He is intelligent, good, and ahead of his time.  I really hope that
someone can inject some reason into this affair.  It would certainly benefit
a great many people, including me, if Max Butler were permitted to walk
freely among us.

Kimi J. Winters
Defendant's Spouse

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