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> Ok....  You lucky...  eerrrrr....  "folks" who get to go.
> It's pronounced 'Nawl-ins'.


> Those are "crawfish" and not mini-lobsters.  Yes, you eat the 
> tails and suck
> the heads--I just don't think about it.  Its just flavor. :)

Sadly enough, it ain't quite the season yet. Hard to find good ones
right now.

> It called Cajun Cooking and its supposed to be that hot.  
> (Don't eat a tourist
> trap! :)  If you can get reservations at Chef Paul Prudhomes' 
> place--Go and
> Enjoy!

Emeril's, the Praline Connection (for creole), and Brennans are also
great. Soooooo many restaurants.

> Have at least one Hurricane at Patty O's just to say you did. 
>  (ONLY ONE...
> More _WILL_ be hazardous to seeing the rest of the conference.)

Got that right. Also, beware of hand grenades; they are all
deceptively sweet.

> Gumbo Rocks.  Jambalya Rocks.  MMmmmmmm...  Cyane Pepper!
> Learn that "There is Can be Only One" true Tabasco Sauce.  
> McInleys--From
> Avery Island.  You'll like it.  Buy some as gifts.

Home town fave is Crystal (the bottling factory of which is located on
my drive to work). Actuallu, I have discovered a love of Cheech
Marin's hot sauce, but I'd never tell that to a die-hard.

> Best place for GREAT music:  Restoration Hall (Off of Burbon 
> St.)  If you like
> Jazz/Blues.
> Cool Bar for Decent Live Bands:  The Famous Door on Burbon.  
> But, if you like
> a less touristy place:  Tipotinos.  Used to be _very cool_ 
> and very small, but
> they moved.  Still get great bands.

Actually, there are now THREE Tipitina's: French Quarter on Decatur,
Uptown on Tchopitoulous (sp?!?) but pronounced "CHOPATOOLOOSE", and
the Parish in the Warehouse District. All have good music.

Snug Harbor (on Frenchmen, near Praline Connection) often gets a
couple of Marsalis's jamming out.

> Best place to have breakfast:  Cafe Du'Monde on Jackson 
> Square.  (Try it at
> _sunrise_ for the non-vampires. :)

And don't wear dark clothes, or you will look like an accident at a
powdered sugar factory all day.
> And No--Don't go to Burbon Street.  It's not as neat as the small
> streets.  Get a beer (Yeah, It's legal to walk and drink....) 
> and head off
> down some side streets.  Unless it's 3am.

Bourbon street is a hellhole.

> And yes Virgina, you can get women to flash you for 
> beads--Usually only during
> Mardi Gras.

Well, every day is Mardi Gras SOMEWHERE in the Big Easy.

> Oh, yeah--The most important thing to know:  __Slow Down__.  
> It's not just a
> good idea, it's the way to a less stressful life.

Plus, the service down in these parts isn't exactly quick or
> *sigh*
> A wistful displaced LA native....
> But hey, I've got no humidity now! :)

I'm still here: every summer, I say its my last, but then I see the
weather reports around the country in the winter, and I change my

Henry "Short Sleeves" Sieff

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