[Snort-users] Important Info for SANS Attendees

Erek Adams erek at ...577...
Mon Jan 29 12:15:16 EST 2001

Ok....  You lucky...  eerrrrr....  "folks" who get to go.

It's pronounced 'Nawl-ins'.

Those are "crawfish" and not mini-lobsters.  Yes, you eat the tails and suck
the heads--I just don't think about it.  Its just flavor. :)

It called Cajun Cooking and its supposed to be that hot.  (Don't eat a tourist
trap! :)  If you can get reservations at Chef Paul Prudhomes' place--Go and

Have at least one Hurricane at Patty O's just to say you did.  (ONLY ONE...
More _WILL_ be hazardous to seeing the rest of the conference.)

Gumbo Rocks.  Jambalya Rocks.  MMmmmmmm...  Cyane Pepper!

Learn that "There is Can be Only One" true Tabasco Sauce.  McInleys--From
Avery Island.  You'll like it.  Buy some as gifts.

Best place for GREAT music:  Restoration Hall (Off of Burbon St.)  If you like

Cool Bar for Decent Live Bands:  The Famous Door on Burbon.  But, if you like
a less touristy place:  Tipotinos.  Used to be _very cool_ and very small, but
they moved.  Still get great bands.

Best place to have breakfast:  Cafe Du'Monde on Jackson Square.  (Try it at
_sunrise_ for the non-vampires. :)

And No--Don't go to Burbon Street.  It's not as neat as the small side
streets.  Get a beer (Yeah, It's legal to walk and drink....) and head off
down some side streets.  Unless it's 3am.

And yes Virgina, you can get women to flash you for beads--Usually only during
Mardi Gras.

Oh, yeah--The most important thing to know:  __Slow Down__.  It's not just a
good idea, it's the way to a less stressful life.


A wistful displaced LA native....

But hey, I've got no humidity now! :)

Erek Adams

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