[Snort-users] Feature request: expand snort options listing

Jason Haar Jason.Haar at ...294...
Sun Jan 28 16:08:53 EST 2001

Hi there

Last week I learnt there was a "-unicode" option to the http preprocessor
that would allow me to stop all the 1000's of unicode alerts I was getting. 

I know I could of just read the preprocessor code to discover this feature -
but I'm a user :-)

Anyway, how about making snort and snort's preprocessors  more like Apache
and it's modules: namely that some option like "snort --list-options" would
list all the preprocessors/modules within the current snort system, and list
what their current settings are and what options are available (like running
"httpd -L"). 

That way the snort modules become self-documenting....

I know that's not a 5-line change - but as an idea for snort v3?  :-)


Jason Haar

Unix/Special Projects, Trimble NZ
Phone: +64 3 9635 377 Fax: +64 3 9635 417

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