[Snort-users] Secure - NSLOOKUP

Martin Roesch roesch at ...421...
Fri Jan 26 22:33:35 EST 2001

Have swatch do an nslookup on the IP addresses when it sees an alert.... 

I know this sucks, but I'm *really* against adding name lookups into


"A.L.Lambert" wrote:
> > Joey,
> >
> > You could ofcourse give everyone a static IP adres. This gives some
> > extra security because strange nics don's come on your network, and
> > when you check your logs you can be rather sure that all the IP's
> > still belong to the same users.
>         Or the same idea with a different twist; if you're using dhcpd
> under a *NIX of some flavor, you can strip the info from your dhcpd.leases
> file and generate a a static IP table in your dhcpd.conf file based on
> what everyone's MAC address/current IP is.  Then leave a range of an
> appropriate number of dynamicly assigned IP's if you've got people who
> need to have truly dynamic IP's (laptop users and whatnot).  That would
> give you the benefit of DHCP (centrally controlable network configurations
> for all your users), and also give you get the benefit of everyone having
> static IP's.  If you're using NT's dhcp server, I dunno how you would go
> about this, but I would expect it could be done there as well.  Cheers!
>         --A.L.Lambert
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