[Snort-users] Wishful thinking - Passive Fingerprinting module

Guy Bruneau bruneau at ...126...
Fri Jan 26 17:11:26 EST 2001

I second Lance's idea. I think it would be quite usefull as well.


Guy Bruneau, GCIA
Ma page est a/My page at: http://www.penguinpowered.com/~bruneau

Lance Spitzner wrote:

> I feel this is a great one to add to the wish list.
> A plugin that determines the operating system (and
> potentially applications) of the remote host
> based on the makeup of the packets the remote host
> sends.  Not only would this be a great way to learn
> about the bad guys, but a great way to learn about
> and map your own network :)
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> Lance Spitzner
> http://project.honeynet.org
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