[Snort-users] Problem with logging to MySql Database

Prins, J.H. J.H.Prins at ...1070...
Fri Jan 26 09:42:57 EST 2001


I have a MySql database running on a remote system and I want to log my
snort probe to this database.
I have snort 1.6.3 here (Win 2000) and the MySql server is a Linux server.

An other probe is logging ot this database allright. Works very good. That
probe is a snort 1.7 probe. 
I have given the probe user Insert,Create and Select rights on all the snort

I get the following error:

Problem obtaining SENSOR ID (sid) from mysql->snort->event

In the FAQ I found a similar problem but there the proble was in the sensor
table and not in the event table.

Does anyone have any Idea what the problem could be?

The server is somewhere remote on a completly different network/subnet.
I can connect to that server with a MyODBC session.

J.H. Prins

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