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Dr SuSE drsuse at ...748...
Thu Jan 25 00:09:29 EST 2001

I dont understand what the problem is.
You get sick, Max sleeps and Marty needs time off after a major release.
I suppose were all to think that your just human...not gonna happen pal, we 
know better.

Speaking of not sleeping.  Max, how late did you stay up working on that Ramen 
Worm analysis?  Nice work by the way.

> I will never be sick the day after updating the rulesets.  :P
> I have numerous notes on rule changes, and a few fixes I need to get done
> today.  Everything from rule flags to web site links, so look for a monster
> update later today.
> (Sorry for those that didn't get a quicker response, I try to avoid E-mail
> when I'm out sick)  :)
> Thanks!
> Jim Forster
> Network Administrator
> RapidNet / DakotaConnect
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> http://www.snort.org
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