[Snort-users] A Bad Thing(tm) just happened.

Brian Caswell bmc at ...312...
Thu Jan 25 09:55:01 EST 2001

"C. Bensend" wrote:
> Jan 25 00:17:26 border snort: Received SIGHUP. Restarting
> Jan 25 00:17:26 border /bsd: uvm_fault(0xe03c93e0, 0xe2890000, 0, 1) ->
> 2
> Jan 25 00:17:26 border /bsd: ne3: warning - receiver ring buffer overrun

I'm willing to bet its because of your ethernet card.  Most NE3s are
I would ditch that ASAP.  I've had them crash my box randomly, without a 
good reason.  Moved to intel etherexpress pro 10/100, and all my
went away.


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