[Snort-users] IDScenter 1.08 is out: with Snort 1.7 support

Kistler Ueli iuk at ...1171...
Wed Jan 24 14:36:58 EST 2001


If you are interested you can download it from
Actual version:
-> Check features

Thank you!
    Ueli Kistler (iuk at ...1171...)


Version: 1.08 (24.01.2001)
              New Features:
     - Snort 1.7 Support / 1.6 Still supported


Version: 1.07 (23.01.2001)
              New Features:
     - Alert scanning is now much better -> filesize and filedate are
     - Process priority can be set (Normal, High, Realtime)
     - Ctrl-C is disabled for Snort-Process (can still be killed by
CTRL-Break, but restart)
     - Test-Button: test your configuration before running Snort IDS
     - Ruleeditor can be choosed
     - Download link: download your rules with your favorite Browser
     - Internal Logviewer: Update- and Alarmresetbutton seperatly
        (-> if logwindow is already open, you even know that there's a
new alarm and can update and reset alarm )
     - Registry: saved options are checked when IDScenter is loading
     - Optimized code

     All corrected bugs/options:
     - IP-detection is done every time you open the IP-detection form
     - Alarm sound (WAV) is stopped when clicking on alarm is reset (I
didn't test is before...)
     - Shortcuts: "Alt A" was double used
     - Don't restart option works now correctly
     - Homenet must not be set


Version: 1.06 (January 2001)
    - All features of snort.panel are implemented
    - IP / Interface detection possible
    - Integrated Alertviewer, external viewer can be set
    - Alarm sound can be started if an alert occurs (WAV/Beep)
    - Alert: an EXE-File can be started (this is also possible to set in
    - Autostart in Registry\RUN can be set in IDScenter
    - non-visible FORMS, only an icon with alert/stop/start-Status in
    - look yourself.... :-) !

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