[Snort-users] Snort and quiet mode

Charles-Henri Hallard ch.hallard at ...628...
Wed Jan 24 08:38:50 EST 2001

humm, i think i founded a little (very little) bug in snort.c of 1.7 version

when i launch snort in quiet mode (with -q switch) it doesn't show me the
banner at startup that's ok
but when i stop it, snort show me stats even with -q switch.
The problem is that i'm logging everything so the swatch deamon alert me on
each line of stats.

So i modified in my local machine snort.c (~ line 1576) replaced 



if (!pv.quiet_flag)

now it is working fine (here).
Could someone tell me if wad i made is correct and if it is, apply this to
the CVS (sorry i'm newbie on CVS)

Really thanks to Marty for this lovely prog and public source.

Charles-Henri Hallard
tél : 05 49 89 31 01
mél : ch.hallard at ...628...

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