[Snort-users] PHP4 advisory... ACID?

Dave Ryan dave at ...1192...
Tue Jan 23 05:37:58 EST 2001

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Quoting Jason Boyer (jason at ...418...):
> > > Personally I wouldnt run acid on any public facing interface, best to keep connections for a second interface onto a private switch with restricted internal acces.
> >
> > A bit harsh - simply telling Apache to password-protect the ACID directory
> > and only run it over HTTPS should take care of most problems....
> I would agree with password+ssl as the above solution is a little extremely paranoid.
a little paranoia never hurt anyone.

besides by having an unnumbered interface on the public side it would make it difficult (esoteric for most script kiddies) to enumerate ids systems on the net
work, this is not a method of simple security through obscurity, just a way of limiting my ids boxes from being direct targets for DoS attacks and the like,
 after all detecting such events is one of the reasons why I put them in the first place.

ssl+password works well too, dont get me wrong, I just enjoy sleeping now and again.
> Cheers,
> Jason
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