[Snort-users] CanSecWest/core01 Conference Announcement

Dragos Ruiu dr at ...381...
Mon Jan 22 15:44:44 EST 2001

Some information for all of you regarding the CanSecWest/core01
Network Security Training Conference: 

The dates for this year's conference are March 28-30.
It will be held again in downtown Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

The current conference speaker lineup includes:

Renaud Deraison - Author of Nessus, speaking about the Nessus attack scanner,
       giving an overview of scanner operations and a tutorial on Nessus Attack
       Scripting Language. [http://www.nessus.org]

Martin Roesch - Author of the popular Snort Intrusion Detection System (IDS),
        speaking about new developments in IDSes. [http://www.snort.org]

Ron Gula of Enterasys - VP of IDS products, Speaking about evading IDS
        systems.  [http://www.network-defense.com]

Dug Song of Arbor Networks - Author of many famous networking tools. Speaking
        about monkey in the middle attacks on encrypted protocols          
        such as SSH and SSL. :-)   [http://www.monkey.org/~dugsong/]

Rain Forest Puppy - Will be speaking about assessing the web, with
        demonstrations of several new (previously unreleased) rfp.labs web 
        tools including the release of Whisker 2.0 and other surprises
        in his inimitable style. [http://www.wiretrip.net]

Mixter of 2XS Ltd. (Israel) - Author of several widely used distributed tools
        and some popular security whitepapers will give a talk about  "The
        future of distributed applications" explaining the key elements of
        peer-to-peer networks, discussing  a few examples/possibilities of
        distributed technology, and related security problems in distributed
        networks. [http://mixter.void.ru]

K2 of w00w00 - Will present his new ADMutate, a multi-platform, polymorphic
         shell-code toolkit and libraries for detection evasion. [http://www.ktwo.ca]
          (Early reviews say it's scary good. --dr)

Matthew Franz of Cisco - Author of Trinux, A Linux Security Toolkit, will give a
         presentation about rigorous product security testing, as implemented
         at Cisco.  [http://www.trinux.org]

Lance Spitzner of Sun - Will present more of the HoneyNet group's honeypot
       findings, including watching Romanian hackers on their own web
       cam while they were hacking one of his honeypots for their botnet. 

Theo DeRaadt of OpenBSD - Paper Title TBA  [http://www.openbsd.org]

Fyodor of insecure.org - Author of the popular nmap network scanner, will talk
         about new mapping and scanning tools and techniques. [http://www.insecure.org]

Frank Heidt of @Stake - Paper Title TBA [http://www.atstake.com] 

HD Moore of Digital Defense- WIll give a surely popular talk about his more
        esoteric NT penetration test tricks in apresentation called "Making NT
        bleed." where he will cover some of the procedures he as had to
        develop during the course of cracking multiple systems for
        customers daily. [http://www.digitaldefense.net]

Jay Beale of MandrakeSoft - Author the the Linux Bastille scripts and Security
        Team Director at MandrakeSoft, will talk about securing Linux.

Kurt Seifried of SecurityPortal.com - Will moderate a panel debate about
         cryptography... a "two edged sword" including PKI, SSH and SSL.

And some other excellent papers TBA.

Afternoon (1-6), Wed Mar 28.
All Day (10-6:30) (and night :-), Thurs Mar 29,
Morning (10-2) Fri 30.

There will be some Birds of a Feather sessions held at 6:30 on 
Thursday - these will be announced at the conference.


The venue will be the Pacific Palisades Hotel Conference Center
on Robson Street.

The hotel web site can be found at www.pacificpallisadeshotel.com   
We have negotiated discounted rates for the CanSecWest conference
with the hotel at $150/night regular, and $200/night suite for attendees.  
I'm told that some (but not all) suites now feature in room high speed network
access. Attendees need to tell the reservations desk they are attending
the CanSecWest conference.

The conference this year will be held in the hotel itself in their meeting
facility, and will feature a catering room, as well as a a vendor display area
and a place to set up your computer to check e-mail.  There will be a 
wireless 802.11 network and a "Capture The Flag" contest over the 
wireless net, on-going throughout the presentations.  If you are bringing
a PC with a wireless card, please ensure your firewalls are in good
working order, as we assume no liability for what kind of traffic may
be seen. (:-) This year, we will have a permanent coffee stand (after
feedback from last year's sessions). Seating is limited and the venue is
slightly smaller than last year so please book early to ensure a spot.

How to register:

-In the month of January, you may register by either sending PGP encrypted
  e-mail to dr at ...50... (gpg/pgp key on file at wwwkeys.pgp.net) with
  the following information:
  Your name
  Your company
  Your company address
  Visa card number/expiry
  Visa Billing Name and Address 
  Your contact phone number.
  Your preferred e-mail address for conference mailings.

  (I'm sorry we still accept only VISA at this time and Mastercard
   is not an option.  We also accept pre-payment by couriered
   cheque or wire transfer of USD or CAD equivalents. Registrations 
   are reserved upon receipt of cheque - please email dr at ...381... 
   for further details about this payment method.)

-Alternatively you can phone Dragos Ruiu at +1 (604) 722-3993 with
  the above information and he will process the VISA transaction manually.
  Please try to phone between 10:00AM-8:00PM PST, but an occasional
  odd hour phonecall from wierd timezones will be tolerated if it
  _absolutely_ cannot be avoided.

If you prefer we can also reserve a hotel room on your credit card, if
you specify dates.  (We have been told that our block booking will
have priority for the rooms with networking).

In January the registration fee will be:

USD$895 - for past attendees.
USD$980 - for all others up until Jan 31.

In February, an on-line booking system will be up at www.dursec.com
and the registration fees for all will be USD$1120.

In March, the registration fee will be USD$1350.

Due to the slightly smaller venue we expect that registrations
at the door will be extremely limited and potentially unavailable,
at a cost of USD$1595. 

Vendor sponsorships are available at USD$2500, which as
well as sponsoring a display table for the vendor also gives
the vendor up to five attendee registrations at USD$580.
The cut-off date for vendor sponsorships is March 15.

Registration fees include catered lunches and coffee breaks.
Thanks for your continuing support, and I hope we'll have
a conference that will surpass the positive experiences of
last years conference. I'm eager to see and hear the fascinating
papers planned, and this year, we will be bringing back the
popular technical book(s) (title TBD) that will be given to 
attendees, as well as having another conference CD-ROM
full of goodies and some previously unreleased tools and
information. I'm looking forward to seeing you ladies and
gentlemen there.

Thank You,

P.S. We'll get better microphones this year too... :-)

Dragos Ruiu <dr at ...50...>   dursec.com ltd. / kyx.net - we're from the future 
gpg/pgp key on file at wwwkeys.pgp.net

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