[Snort-users] Error in snort.c in 1.7 tarball

Fyodor fygrave at ...121...
Sun Jan 21 04:47:20 EST 2001

On Sun, Jan 21, 2001 at 10:12:34AM +0100, Ralf Hildebrandt wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 20, 2001 at 04:54:33PM -0800, Mark W. Davis wrote:
> > I just installed the 1.7 snort tarball from snort.org and found an error
> > in SanityChecks() in the first snprintf() statement. If you run snort
> > chrooted, like I do, your log_dir will become the concatenation of
> > chrootdir and pv.log_dir which fails.
> I get the impression that this is intended. Right now I'm running snort
> chrooted without a problem (although with each new snort version the way how
> paths are interpreted in the presence of a chrooted setup change...)

 I hope that we stick with the current model: if you run snort chrooted, every patch
 that snort uses will be within chroot directory (which means that if snort hasn't
 executed chroot('chrootdir') yet, every path will become a concatination of
 chroot directory and given path. Hope it sounds ok to everyone :) (if not
 we'd like to hear your points :))

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