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something that might be of some interest for users here :)

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> Have you tried this trick against any of the commercial IDS products?
> If so, what were the results??

I haven't run embedded commands past IDS systems.  I know some of them have
string searches for things like '../../' and '/etc/passwd'.  However, I
don't know if they would catch something like the ping trick.  It seems
reasonable that they could detect meta-characters in context, but I don't
know if any support that feature right now.

A little browsing in the snort rules database shows some filters like:

content:"get //";
content: "../";
content: "..\\";

In the particular attack I was running, I had to add the double-quotes in
order to fool the target cgi program:


So maybe a snort rule for '?"' would have caught this.

Attempting to write a rule for 'ping' directly would be kind-of foolish, in
my opinion, since embedded commands can be almost anything.  Yet, the use of
the %20 (space character) directly after the argument might be suspect.
Many cgi programs follow a given rule arg=value&arg=value.  This would be
completely specific to the deployment your trying to protect, of course.

I didn't see any way to specify what was _good_ behavior in snort, and then
trigger on things to _dont_ match.  ie., something like,

content:"%20"; bad_if_not_content:"\[A-Za-z]%20" ... (or whatever)

You could write a regex in Hailstorm to match something like that, but since
Hailstorm uses an embedded perl engine for the regex matching, it would not
be fast enough to be used in a _real_ IDS situation.  It's better just for


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