[Snort-users] SNORT Control Panel for WIN32: IDScenter

Kistler Ueli iuk at ...1171...
Thu Jan 18 15:42:09 EST 2001

Hello Snort user

i have programmed a new snort panel: IDScenter.
This program has the same function as snort.panel from XATO Network
but i added some new functions

- IP/Interface detection
- Errorchecking generation of parameters
- Immediate restart of SNORT if the snort-process is killed by
Taskmanager or another because of other reasons
- ALARM sound (WAV-File / PC-Speaker beep)
- Visual alarm icon in tasklist
- IDScenter can automatically start a specified EXE-File if an alert
- Implemented ALERT.IDS logviewer
- ... and more....

You can download new versions from: www.eclipse.fr.fm/snort.htm

Have a nice day....
    Ueli Kistler (iuk at ...1171...)

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