[Snort-users] snort.pl problem

Don Pierce don at ...1157...
Wed Jan 17 13:53:10 EST 2001

I installed the latest snort and using snort.pl
with my BB V1.6d.  Snort is working as I can look
at the /var/log/snort/alert file and see
entries. Problem is I do not see anything in BB display.
No column or anything.

This is a Linux box and it is running the BBD with
a dozen clients sending data to it. It just appears
like the BB client on the Linux box is not accepting
anything from snort.pl

There was nothing in the install about adding snort.pl to
the ext directory or to BBEXT variable. Is that what is
needed? Or is there some kind of test I can run
to determine where my problem is.

Here is my config:
# IP address of the BBDISPLAY host, should be in dotted decimal
$bbhost = "";

# The local hostname, with BB 1.4h2, this must be in the form of
# yourhost,yourdomain,yourtopdomain
# This changed in an old version of BB, but I am not sure which.
$localhost = "webit,esticker,com";

# When should we display a yellow or red dot on BBDISPLAY?
$WARN = 20;
$PANIC = 30;

# Path to the BB client program
$bb = "/usr/local/bb16d/bin/bb";


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