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duh, any comments on this post, folks? Would be interesting to hear what s/f guys
are trying to work out. (NDA, blah.. ;-))

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Hey all,

SecurityFocus is in the process of testing a new system we are building
for this community and other SecurityFocus users. This system is designed
to assist in Incident Response and Handling. Its primary duty is to help
end users correlate IDS data, track incidents and to assist in
notification. The system is quite a bit more full featured than this but
as opposed to posting a technical spec to the list we would like to invite
people to become involved in the Alpha and Beta phases of the project.

If you are interested in learning more about the project and wish to
become a test user we need the following requirements to be met:

You must run (or be willing to install) one of the following IDS's:

1. Snort Lightweight Network Intrusion Detection System
   Versions: 1.6 - 1.7

   UNIX (Any version which Snort will build on)
   Win32 (Any version which Snort will build on)

2. ISS RealSecure
   Versions: 3.1 - 5.5

   Windows NT 4 SP2 (or above)
   Windows 2000

3. Network ICE BlackICE Defender or ICEpac Security Suite
   Versions: BlackICE Defender (Any Version)
   Versions: ICEpac Security Suite 2.1 (or later)

   Windows NT 4.0 (Service Packs 4, 5, 6, 6a)
   Windows 95
   Windows 98
   Windows 2000 (Service Pack 1).

We will also require testers to sign a testing agreemant which is
essentially a mutual NDA which extends for the duration of the testing

If you are interested, please mail me directly.

-Al Huger

"Vae Victis"

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