[Snort-users] SnortSnarf v011601.1 and modularization

James Hoagland hoagland at ...47...
Tue Jan 16 22:08:18 EST 2001


Silicon Defense is pleased to announce the availability of SnortSnarf 
v011601.1 and information about its modularization plans.

SnortSnarf v011601.1 is a minor update to Silicon Defense's popular 
Snort alert browsing tool.  These are the changes from the previous 

+ fixed ordering of port numbers in links to log file names; should 
be always correct now [spotted by Mark Rolands]
+ adjusted parsing of Snort alerts for ICMP to support Snort 1.7 
alert format; this eliminates the warning messages [spotted by Jim 
Forster and Etienne Lequeux]

You can pick up the distribution and read more at:


Most of the work on SnortSnarf has been in its modularization.  The 
modularization is an exciting project that will allow SnortSnarf to 
use alternate and third-party modules to implement part of its 
functionality (e.g., alert input, output).  You can read more here:



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