[Snort-users] combination of snort & ipchains

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Tue Jan 16 10:56:35 EST 2001

It IS possible to do this by setting up VLAN's on your network interface.
Have SNORT sit on the first VLAN, and have it route all packets to the
second VLAN.

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> Dear list members,
> If I do a portscan using nmap, my ipchains log the scan with a lot of DENY
> messages. But Snort does not log anything. If something occurs that is
> allowed by ipchains (e.g. ping-pong), it is logged by snort.
> Since I'm new to IDS, do I only have to control ports that are left open
> the packet filter, or is it possible to have Snort controlling all (1 -
> 65535) ports BEFORE packets hit the deny rules of ipchains?
> Philipp
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