[Snort-users] no TCP traffic except in/out of the snort serv er (SUN 2.7)

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Tue Jan 16 08:26:32 EST 2001

Is the Sparc plugged into a switched network?
If so then you need to be placed on a SPAN o Monitor port (Cisco terms) The
port you are plugged into on the switch need to be setup to mirror all
traffic that is switched.  

If you are non-switched environment...dunno, make sure your network card on
the Sparc is entering promiscuous mode (check /var/log/messages)

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Hi there !
I just installed snort-1.7 on a Sparc running 2.7...
I am NOT a sun specialist, NOR a newtwork specialist,NOR .... ;-)

here is what I've done :

installed libnet from

installed libpcap package libpcap-0.4-sol7-sparc-local.bz2
from www.sunfreeware.com

compiled snort w/ gcc .

snort -v -h mynetwork/24
shows me
* all the TCP traffic in and out of the SUN,
* some UDP traffic on port 138 (NETBIOS Datagram Service) between
some machines
* but doesn't show me any other TCP traffic between any other machine

any idea / suggestion  ?


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