[Snort-users] log informations

Vidal Augusto Zapparoli Castro Melo vaugusto at ...1151...
Tue Jan 16 00:52:35 EST 2001

I need to know how snort organize its logs (the relationship between
the files) and what kind of information are logged. For example: In my
snort directory there are several sub-directories. Why these
sub-directories were created. What means the information in the file
ICMP_ECHO. Is it dangerous or not? and so on.


Vidal Melo. 

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Vitaly McLain wrote:

> What detailed information are you looking for, and what form of Snort logs?
> Vitaly McLain
> twistah at ...93...
> twistah @ OPN & EfNet
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