[Snort-users] snort optimization

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Mon Jan 15 14:22:57 EST 2001

The answer to both your questions is "no".
I'll be VERY suprised is snort drops any packets on that setup, and you
don't need anything more for a "more complete capture".

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> What is the fastest, most complete was to run snort.  I have a busy
network segment that I’m spanning and sending to the snort IDS.
> I downloaded the complete rule file from snort.org "snortfull.conf"
> So here is what I have
> snort -A full -b -c snortfull.com -i eth0 -l /LOG/snort
> Is there anything I can do to make it faster and not drop any traffic?
> Also, the snortfull.conf does not include any library references, is there
anything I can do to make my capture more complete?
> Thanks,
> Mohammed.
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