[Snort-users] Re: Snort RPM and FlexResp

Habu Takuya habu.takuya at ...1141...
Mon Jan 15 05:37:59 EST 2001

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> Hello,
> I installed Snort-1.7 RPM in my Redhat Linux 6.0.
> However, I couldn't use the rule options "resp" and "react",
> which need FlexResp.
> When I run Snort it says,
> ERROR: /etc/snort/test.conf (5) => Unknown keyword "resp" in rule!
> How can I enable FlexResp with Snort RPM package?
> Or should I use the source code file (.tar.gz) ?

I add just one comment...
I used Snort "binary" RPM .
Is using source RPM the good way?

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