[Snort-users] updated snort_cleandb.pl

Martin Roesch roesch at ...421...
Fri Jan 12 17:16:16 EST 2001

I've put the updated version on the web site Downloads page.


Chris Green wrote:
> Well, I got around to testing it on a mysql database and well, it blew
> up.  Now it has been tested against other Postgres and MySQL.  The SQL
> was broken down into ``baby steps'' for MySQL so now it should be
> fairly portable to other SQL creatures.  I always have a problem in
> SQL of doing things the complicated way but this should be fairly
> clean.
> As I actually get around to setting up central DB model, I will
> probably add an "# of hours to delete" option.
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                           Name: snort_cleandb.pl
>    snort_cleandb.pl       Type: Perl Program (application/x-perl)
>                    Description: snort clean db
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Martin Roesch
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