[Snort-users] Snort 1.7 RPMs available

Peter Bates peter.bates at ...79...
Tue Jan 9 13:37:43 EST 2001

Hello all...

Firstly, congratulations on the release
of 1.7... now the multiple address-range
support is in there (non-contiguous ranges, that is)
I can finally press it into use on a bigger scale...

>Wim Vandersmissen <wim at ...1110...> has kindly put together source and binary RPMs
>for version 1.7 of Snort.  They are available on the the downloads page at
>http://www.snort.org.  Here's a direct link as well:

I've been looking at these rpm's (being an rpm
sort of guy) all day, and either I'm very stupid,
but if you do

rpm -Uvh snort-1.7-1.i386.rpm (for example)

to upgrade the rpm, the snort user/group is deleted
and not actually recreated, so snort doesn't then
run 'out of the box'...

Not being an incredible authority on rpm spec-files,
I can see where the bits to make and delete the
u/g's are, but not how to fix this...

It can obviously be fixed manually,
and obviously you can just remove
the old one and install the new one,
but I just thought I'd pass this on...

If no-one else has noticed this, or
I've got a broken system, it'd be nice to know!


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