[Snort-users] Snort on a routing box

Jean-Philippe Grenier jgrenier at ...1106...
Mon Jan 8 09:35:52 EST 2001

I'm having a problem when I put snort on a routing box.

Snort has always been between the router and the firewall and 
I never had any problems.

  router -------------------- firewall

But now, I had to move snort on the firewall box and I can't get
anything from snort.

  router -------------------- firewall with

It isn't alerting me for scans and things like that. It detects 
scans only when I use the preprocessor option, but without 
this option, I am not receiving the usual scan alert when I 
scan a host in my home net from a host between the router 
and the firewall.

Any idea why ?

Thanks, Jean-Philippe

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