[Snort-users] Went to switched environment

Patrick Darden darden at ...710...
Mon Jan 8 08:30:06 EST 2001

You can hang a hub off of a switch, however you lose some functionality:
everything on the hub shares a collision domain (good for ids, bad for
performance), and all traffic from the hub to the switch becomes
half-duplex (collisions could become a problem, bandwidth can effectively
half, etc.)

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On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, robin stubbs wrote:

> This is going to happen soon to me also and I seriously doubt that the
> network
> powers are going to wire things just to accomodate me, a person of
> microbial
> stature at this institution. :-( So here comes a dumb newbie question:
> If the network is switched, cannot one nonetheless have a hub 
> attached to a port and have multiple IP numbers off it? Say one has 3 
> IP numbers one could detect a lot of probes, couldn't
> one? If somehow one cannot have a hub on a switched port then I hope
> someone
> tells me right away because I will have more problems than snort not
> working :-)
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