[Snort-users] http_decode questions

Bob Bernstein bob at ...1100...
Sun Jan 7 01:45:18 EST 2001

On Sun, 7 Jan 2001 01:10:48 -0500, Joe Stewart opined:

>  I think it's related to use of Netscape Communicator. I've observed that the
>  mailer in its default settings loads a page from the Netscape portal on 
>  startup. 

Or, if one enjoys listening to the country music channel on 'Netscape
Radio' using one's copy of Communicator much the same result will
ensue!!! <g> 

Apparently surfing to any of the Netscape 'portal' pages will produce
this result.

I have two Linux machines with Netscape on them. The one right next to
the obsd box that is running a tail of my snort alert file has however
no sound card, so I use one on the other side of the room to listen to
music while puttering with things computerish. With my back to first
one, and then the other, I never connected the two events. 

>  I have no idea why AOL/Netscape needs to urlencode binary data, but there it is.

My father used to urge me to not look into some things too deeply. <g>

(It would be interesting to know what if any purpose they put this

Bob Bernstein
Esmond, R.I., USA 


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