[Snort-users] Odd characters from ASCII capture?

Lance Spitzner lance at ...185...
Sat Jan 6 01:03:48 EST 2001

I am using snort to capture keystrokes (ver 1.6.3).  I'm getting
odd control characters when users do an ls.  The system being
sniffed in this case is Linux.  Any way to eliminate these
control characters?

--- snort capture ---

]0;[root at ...1099... /usr]# llss

[00m[01;34mX11R6[00m  [01;34mdoc[00m    [01;34mi386-redhat-linux[00m  [01;34minfo[00m      [01;34mlibexec[00m  
[01;34msbin[00m   [01;36mtmp[00m
[01;34mbin[00m    [01;34metc[00m    [01;34mi486-linux-libc5[00m   [01;34mkerberos[00m  [01;34mlocal[00m    [01;
34mshare[00m  [01;34mtxt[00m
[01;34mdict[00m   [01;34mgames[00m  [01;34minclude[00m            [01;34mlib[00m       [01;34mman[00m      [01;

--- snip snip ---

Also, now that 1.7 has TCP-session capabilities, is there any way to
NOT have the input characters echoed during a telent session?


Lance Spitzner

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