[Snort-users] Went to switched environment

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Fri Jan 5 14:45:13 EST 2001

Most switches worth their weight can mirror ports,

Just ask your Network Person to set it up for your snort box 
to have all ports mirrored to your 'snorting' port.

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Q: I'm on a switched network, can I still use Snort?

A: This depends on the type of switch you have.  If it can mirror traffic,
   can direct it to the port that your Snort box is on.
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Although I was very, very happy with Snort,
earlier this week our company replaced
all hubs by HP switches rendering my Snort-machine
useless.. :-((

What's the easiest way to make it detecting packets again ?
Putting a HUB between our webservers and my Linux ?
But I doubt the webmasters will like that...

Snortless greetings..

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