[Snort-users] Logging query.

Scott A. McIntyre scott at ...1050...
Fri Jan 5 02:30:37 EST 2001


I was thinking about the issue of maintaining historical data from Snort
and thought about a potential issue.  At the moment, there's a
/var/log/snort/ip.address/ structure, which is superb, but, within that
there is the "UDP:64840-33447" type file structure, which, also, is just
fine, unless by some freak occurrence (or design, given how some tools
work now) I happen to get 50,000 of those types of probes (UDP from port
X to port Y) in which case I'm assuming snort will merely tack it on to
the end of the already exisiting file (but I have not verified this).

Sooo, the question is, could this, potentially, be more useful as a
customized option specified somewhere in the configuration file (or
command line).

log-filename:  YYYYMMDD-%proto:%srcport-%dstport

Or some such.

I can (and probably will) automate some of this with other scripts, but
it would save time for historical tracking of it could be somehow
integrated to the fileformat earlier on.



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