[Snort-users] Can see any log message from snort !!

Kevin LEE klee at ...957...
Thu Jan 4 21:52:21 EST 2001


    I am newbie to snort and I try to download the latest fullset rules

I modify the HOME_NET variable to my ip system address and create a

under /var/log/snort.

I run the following command to start snort as daemon.

snort -A fast -c /etc/snort.rules -D

where snort.rules is file I download from www.snort.org

I try to run nmap on my machine for testing as follow;

nmap -v <ip_address of my host machine>

File snort.alert is create in the /var/log/snort directory with zero

Did I miss any option in the snort command ?? What is the actual problem

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