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Wed Jan 3 13:18:02 EST 2001


cat flames > /dev/null.


With all the dot coms failing out there, maybe its time to re-think your
employment options.  I mean, really, who needs the 2 hour commute to work
and back.  While I admit that living in the "City" does have its benefits,
like easy access to muggers and drive-bys', living in a smaller town can
be fulfilling.  Take me for example, I have DSL, DishNetwork, and a 2500sq
ft home that I bought for just a little over my yearly salary.  There are
movie theaters, museums, and multiple shopping centers, and Indianapolis
is only 90mins away (gotta love them fast cars).

Maybe you should go back to school.  How about taking classes for around
$5/credit-hour. Or maybe you would like to wander in late and leave early
without your boss (that double s.o.b backwards) docking you for every .1
hours you are gone.  Or maybe that hour lunch was never enough, and you
feel that you deserve an extra 15 minutes, or hour, without anyone saying

If you are asking yourself "Man, how can I get a rightous hookup like
that", see below.

Information Services/ Technical Support
UNIX Systems Programmer
Position:   Reporting to Coordinator of Systems Administration and
Network Security, has primary responsibility for technical support of
the Universitys central web servers and instructional servers.
Supports other important UNIX servers to meet the instructional and
administrative needs of the University.  Works with NetWare, VM, VMS,
and Windows system administrators to support multi-platform
interoperability.  Position immediately available.
Required Education and Knowledge:  Must have a Bachelors degree or
equivalent in computing or related field; 2 or more years UNIX-based
programming, administration, and scripting skills.
Compensation:   Dependant upon experience and qualifications, with
excellent fringe benefits program.
Application:   Send resume, letter of application and contact
information for three references to:
                         Chair, Systems Programmer
                              Search Committee
                   Information Systems/ Technical Support
                                Rankin Hall
                          Indiana State University
                           Terre Haute, IN 47809
or E-mail to 
ccmike at ...525... 
root at ...28...

Screening will begin immediately and continue until the position is
Indiana State University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity
Employer, committed to cultural diversity in its people and programs.

Now your asking whats the catch, right?  Well the catch is if you can't
live on $45K/yr in a town where the average income is less than $20k, you
wouldn't be able to live on what I am able to pay.  Also, if you live out
of the local area, you will have to get yourself here (but its tax

So what are you waiting for, send in your cover letter, resume, and
references.  NOW!

Mike Taylor
Coordinator of Systems Administration and Network Security
Indiana State University.               Rankin Hall Rm 039
210 N 7th St.                           Terre Haute, IN.
Voice: 812-237-8843                                  47809
"You have zero privacy anyway.  Get over it."
           --Scott McNealy, Sun MicroSystems. 

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