[Snort-users] snort behind firewall ??

Josh Oshiro josh at ...155...
Mon Apr 30 14:12:43 EDT 2001

"./" wrote:
> >What I've done is to run two instances of snort on the box. One listens on
> >the outside xl0 interface, the other listens on xl1. That way I see what's
> >coming in. Snort does see things in the tcp stream, but I've never been
> able
> >to determine if its seeing things that are blocked by the firewall. It
> >definitely sees port scans, which tells me it probably does, but I like to
> be
> >absolutely positive.
> >Rob
> still the question remains as to how to protect the snort box.  i too have
> also verified that portscans are being seen by snort even with a firewall.
> i'm just wondering why the binary-log-file doesn't contain anything during
> the time when i was running the snort attack scripts.
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It is up in the air right now wether or not snort can see packets before
the firewall drop them. It seems  it is system dependant. I would like
to take a poll of who can snort through there firewall and who can't.
We'll need to know what kernal you are using, how it's configured, what
firewall your using, how it's configures, and what os your using.

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