[Snort-users] Odd source port

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Fri Apr 27 09:51:24 EDT 2001

Also, keep in mind that NAT based firewalls often end up using high numbered
ports for traffic they are forwarding (specially Linux based ones).

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> Hi again,
> I didn't say it out right, but when I see a high source port 
> on the first
> packet of a tcp 3way handshake to one of the classic service 
> ports that
> is attacked by ramen, 1i0n, and such scripts, I think either, 
> this guy is
> scanning and happened to hit my address space after having 
> possibly scanned
> other networks or, he's using a host that's been up a long 
> long time and
> the high source port's number just came up naturally in the 
> course of things.
> If I wasn't running an ftp server (in this case), then I'd be 
> pretty sure
> that I was seeing a scan for wu-ftpd vulnerability number x.
> All ports look suspicious to me.  Especially when I'm running a true
> client with no services to offer and every one in the world is hitting
> me up for port 21, 25, 53, 80, 109, 110, 111, 515, ...
> Good Luck,
> Phil

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