[Snort-users] GCS or Snort......which is better?

Dr SuSE drsuse at ...748...
Fri Apr 27 03:48:16 EDT 2001

Question: What's better than a GCS (government cheese sandwich)?
Answer: Nothing.....until now!

Snort Euro stickers have arrived and they are yours for the taking.

Question: How can you plunder my treasure chest of Snort euro stickers?
Answer: Write a Snort rule that is good enough to be accepted by Max Vision and 
gets included in his arachNIDS database or one which is accepted by Brian "The 
Cazz" or Jimbo Forster and gets included in the distributed snort rule set.

Question: What is a Snort euro sticker?
Answer: It's an oval shaped white vinyl sticker that reads "SNORT" in a cool 
and fun font with the url www.snort.org at the bottom.  It looks like those 
stickers people put on their car to show what country they are originally from.

Question: Sounds cool and I'd like one but I dont know how to write rules.
Answer: http://www.snort.org/writing_snort_rules.htm

Question: How many stickers are there?
Answer: There are only 100 stickers available at this time. So act now because 
once they are gone, that's it.

Question: If I write five rules can I get four stickers and one government 
cheese sandwich or one sticker and four government cheese sandwiches?
Answer: Yup

Question: Once I write a rule and it's accepted by Max, Cazz or Jim..how do I 
get my sticker?
Answer: You email me at drsuse at ...748... and I'll fix you up.
If you email me from one of those free webmail things like yahoo or hotmail 
I'll never get your message because mail.drsuse.org dont play that.  Oh, aol 
and msn are rejected also as is compuserve, prodigy and a few others.

Question: I'm hungry, can I have a government cheese sandwich instead?
Answer: Sure!  Once you write your rule just send me an email requesting a 
government cheese sandwich and I will send you one.  

Question: I'm the grammar/spelling ghestapo and I found typo's in this email, 
what should I do?
Answer: First check your AOL account to find out how many free hours you have 
left.  If you have enough hours then email someone other than me who might care.

NOTE: Don't get cute and ask for a government cheese sandwich thinking I'll 
send you a Snort Euro sticker because I won't.  If you ask for a government 
cheese sandwich that is what I will send you.  

That is all,


If you have a question, I wont be able to respond to you until Monday since I'm 
going out of town for the weekend.

Microsoft ist nicht installiert.

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